Back Office Management Services

Back office departments are typically far less efficient than front line operations, due to a lack of system automation and coordination between employees. Work items are kept in a multitude of different applications and your people waste valuable time identifying and prioritizing the next task to work on. Adding to this challenge, employees often “cherry pick” their work and select the tasks they enjoy, instead of handling the most important tasks. Futuriste Technosol research reveals that 28% of back office time is spent by employees performing unproductive tasks.

Back Office Optimization

Back office optimization is a critical component of successful Omni channel customer experiences. Enterprise workload management and enterprise workforce management capabilities connect the diverse people, applications and workloads to meet business objectives – all in real time. When optimization processes are in place, tasks are streamlined, employees are empowered and customers receive consistent experiences across channels.

Back Office Management

A well-managed back office infrastructure uncovers previously hidden opportunities to drive better business results from the contact center. Organizations who invest in back office optimization achieve increased management of operational costs, workforce efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Typically, supervisors have to manually assign tasks to their teams and manage different data sets in order to track productivity. This limited insight into team workload hampers your operational efficiency, resulting in frequent backlogs and negatively impacting service level agreements (SLAs). As a result, your customers experience inconsistencies and delays in the service you provide, and in turn contact you frequently to clarify the status of their requests. This adds additional inefficiency and complexity when managing the end-to-end experience for your customers.

To help you solve these problems, Futuriste Technosol offers an integrated solution with real-time presence and skills-based routing with workforce optimization capabilities to prioritize your back office work items and resources.

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